I spent almost all day sleeping which was a real blessing. Damn it felt so good. You know that feeling you get when you’re really, really sleepy and it kind of creeps up on you. You’re being mellowed into it almost. So good. Guess the reason I was really tired today was that I a) haven’t gotten proper sleep lately, b) didn’t sleep enough last night and c) had my second wisdom tooth pulled today. It all adds up to some serious drained energy. But now I feel fine!


Yesterday I was out running with my colleague Aigul and tried out my new headlamp. It’s so cool to run in what feels like nowhere where it’s actually supposed to be like pitch black. So when you turn off the light all you can see is the horizon, where the black landscape meets the slightly lighter sky. Feels great to be honest. I never ever thought I’d be hooked on stuff like this, but I am! Then I got treated to some leftover turkey and hung out with her lovely daughter and boyfriend.

Tonight I’ve had a visit from Andreas and Hannah. We watched a movie called American Ultra starring Jesse Eisenberg and Kristen Stewart. Quite funny but the pacing was a bit slow if you ask me. Odd because there was a lot of action going on when I think about it. But you know, after an hour I felt like… shouldn’t the movie be over soon? So I’ve mixed feelings about it. Definitely works to watch when you want to see something brain dead though.


Now I’m gonna go play some Forza 6. Driving cars from the 70s and 80s is so much fun since their tail kick out real easily when you’re a bit too throttle happy. Then I think I’m gonna have some ice cream that my beloved mother bought for me and watch the latter half of the first Star Wars movie. Thought I’d watch all of them before seeing the new one in December. Stoked about that! There’s something special about those movies, especially the darker ones from the late 70s and early 80s.

Now I leave you with a story that my new and funny colleague created for me the other day 😀