I’m gonna keep it super short today since I’m completely exhausted. Ended up chatting late with my long time buddy last night and my sleep wasn’t really that good. Woke up with a headache and decided to sleep an extra thirty minutes after having emailed the guys at work. A few minutes after my colleague calls me up and tells me that a client I had an appointment with was there and waiting for me. I was like, eh?! Wasn’t that meeting tomorrow!? Turns out we all thought it was but I had mixed up the dates when booking the meeting. Sigh. So after that it was an intense five minute prework fix in front of the mirror and then head down on the bike. Meeting went all well though but my head have been aching the entire day.

Apart from that I’ve been out running with Aigul and after that took a long bath. Also started to watch the anime show that I talked about yesterday, season two of Railgun. It was a cosy experience. Nice to see the characters again after so many years. Now I’m gonna head to bed to get some much sought after sleep. Tomorrow I want to be rested since I have grand plans for the day, haha. Oh and my Need for Speed copy was shipped today. Should hopefully arrive on Thursday. Not to mention that I’ve also preordered the new Tomb Raider game. Gaming autumn here I come!

Oh and one more thing. There’s a new movie out called Codegirl that basically takes a female perspective to the whole programming profession. I love the idea. Haven’t watched the movie yet but I really want to see more women in the business. Really do!

Now sleep tight fellas!