I’m growing more and more fond of the idea of working 80% and having Fridays off. Really. That would suit me just perfect. I just have to sell it to myself economically. Why you ask? Well… now I’m here on a Sunday evening again and I find that I haven’t done nearly the things I want to do. Namely I wanted to sit down and play games this weekend but as usual the time has not been there to accomplish that.

Friends, family, work (on a weekend, I know, shoot me) and other stuff has taken up that time and while I don’t dislike any of it (maybe work then) once I sit down on the couch to do those things I plan on doing I really like them. If only tomorrow would have been a free day as well. That extra day. Oh well, at least the week days pass by quickly so there will soon be another weekend. And next weekend, I promise I won’t have anything planned for that. It’ll be you and me, my favorite console!

So this weekend we celebrated sis with family. Went to one of our local favorite places and had some fine food. I was super tired after a tough week at work (my second full-time week) but eventually some calm seeped into me and I was able to relax and enjoy the evening. The day after that I helped a friend out with some work I had promised to do. Took lots of time and energy but hopefully I made him happy in the end. As for me, I swear I won’t be doing much side work in the future. It just eats up too much energy to be worth it honestly. In the evening we played some NHL 16 which is proper fun! Today I’ve been out running with Aigul who’s one of my new friends and also a colleague. I really like her and her family. Her daughter is just too cute and it feels nice to have gotten to know all three of them.

Oh and yeah. I had a hard drive failure in one of my computers. Fortunately it’s in a RAID 5 configuration, meaning that one disk can fail without any of the data on it being lost. Feels good to know that the mail alert system works, notifying me about the issue. So I’ve had to move my blog and a number of other sites. Hopefully it should all be working again. Now I’ve ordered a new drive that I’ll replace the failed one with. And since I have awesome friends who streams media from me I already have had the new drive funded. Thanks guys! Earlier this week we also had a malfunction at work when our mail server completely broke down. Both the drive as well as the hardware. What are the odds!? Hopefully no more hardware failures this year.

Apart from that not much. Life feels good though which is nice. I feel happy and not really stressed in any sense. I really hope that it continues like this for the rest of the year. Really, really do. Also, on a completely different note, check out Quantic Dream’s new game that I’ll be posting a video to at the end of this post.

Hope you all will have a nice coming week! Hugs~