Happy hump day folks! I’ll be short today since I’m once again really, really tired. Been in meetings pretty much all day. It sure drains your energy. Plus I feel drained in general this week. Like really sleepy. Not tired, sleeeeeepy. Like I’ll fall asleep just by closing my eyes, you know?

Apart from that I’ve been to the local pet shop to buy some food today. They moved to a new place, happy they’re doing well since we really need a local shop. After that been hanging out with Andreas & Hannah, having hot sandwiches and just being stooopid. Feels like I’m laughing a lot lately thanks to being overly tired. And now I just finished with the latest episode of iZombie which as always is a delight. Can you not love Liv? I thought so.

Hugging lots of pillows is my plan for now. My eyes, they feel like they’re filled with something scratching away at the retina. 10-15 minutes of podcasts and then off to dreamland. Sleep tight lovebirds~