I continue to feed my biking addiction and lately I’ve added some stuff to my list of gear. First I bought a bike lamp which I can use to ride during evenings as it gets dark quite early here now. Around 6pm and in a few weeks that’ll be 4pm. And since I’m now working 100% again I won’t be coming home early to be able to use any of the daylight available. Happy to say that it was a thrill to ride with the lamp. The routes you already know become something else and it’s somewhat of a challenge from time to time. Can’t wait to do some more night riding.

Also bought some new clothing as it’s also getting more chilly during the days, sometimes dripping below zero during nights. I stick to Craft since that’s worked really well before and just recently I got the storm long sleeved jersey, puncheur bib pants and some neoprene shoe covers. Can’t say that I was freezing during today’s really long ride. Body’s getting sore when you ride over 100k though. It’s really not fun anymore after that, especially when you’re riding alone. Sure, the weather is fine and all but it becomes more exercise and less fun. It takes so much time basically, over four hours today. Almost five. But I’m happy to achieved some new goals and it shows that it’s possible. I should be ready for next year’s challenges.

Today we also watched the first runs from the annual Red Bull Rampage competition. Those guys, well, they’re just crazy. Riding down a mountain with slopes so steep they’re almost vertical. Honestly. But it’s great fun to watch and happily none of the riders got seriously injured so far. Well a few broken bones but that’s to be expected when you do something like that and charge on like they do. You can watch the event over at redbull.tv if you’re interested.

Anyway, I doubt I’ll be doing any long bike trips in the foreseeable future. It’s just too time consuming and also it’s chilly like I said and it won’t get warmer the closer to winter we get. Yeah. WINTER IS COMING! 🙁