Insignificant but disturbingly honest

Frustration, disappointment and anger

Today has been a day filled with eye openers and anger. I don’t think I’ve felt this angered and eager to punch something like ever. Or probably but yeah. Extremely disappointed and frustrated after some things surfaced at work. How some people function I will never understand and it will probably never cease to amaze me either. Idiots. Then again, less people I need to care for in my life.

But not really a bad day as a whole. Nice weather. Got a few things done. Session with my shrink. Tried my spinning bike out for the first time. Oh what a sweaty experience that was. Doubt I’ve ever been that sweaty. Almost felt like I’ve been spending time in a sauna. Wonder how long it’ll take for all the sweat to dry out from the bike carpet.

Now I’m gonna round off this day with some podcasts. What I’d do without them I don’t know.


Spotted a Gallardo downtown

Spotted a Gallardo downtown

No I didn't stay up and get the whole blood moon thingy

No I didn’t stay up and get the whole blood moon thingy

Sweat, sweat and more sweat

Sweat, sweat and more sweat

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  1. Fan du, med lite styrketräning på det där så är du snart Magic Mike. =P

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