Hi fellas! How was your weekend?

I’m a bit troubled by the fact that I have a slightly sore throat. Hope it doesn’t get worse because in less than a week I’m taking part in my first real mountain bike race. Stoked! Just hoping I will have energy to complete it, hehe.

Been having a good weekend. Had Nathalie over for the weekend. She’s moved to the west coast so we haven’t seen each other for a while. Was fun! Got to play games together again and just be goofy. The game we played by the way is called Until Dawn and is thoroughly recommended if you have a PS4. Great fun!

Apart from that I’ve been biking (of course) and seeing friends. As always the weekends pass way too quickly. But that’s just what it’s like when you’re having a good time.

Uhm, what else. Well not much. I signed up for next year’s Cykelvasan which of course will be awesome too. I should sign up for Vätternrundan as well, then my 2016 would be complete in terms of biking challenges.

Yeah. That’s it I guess. I gotta go to bed now probably. It’s getting late and I hate being tired whenever a new week starts. Oh one more thing. Finished the second book in the Ghostman series. They’re pretty exciting books so far. Easy to digest. Storytel is really good if you want to have something to listen to in bed, while working out or just to relax. Coupled with podcasts it makes the world go around. Really. Now I think I’ll turn to regular books for a while. Maybe. Have some autobiographies to read.

Sleep tight princes and princesses~