Tonight I hung out with Adina. We were supposed to play more of the Game of Thrones game but Playstation Store had apparently shut down for the day and I hadn’t downloaded the second episode. Ten or fifteen minutes of gameplay left of the first one and then that was that. Sigh. But instead of that we ended up watching How to train your dragon 2. I really liked the first movie which was really cute actually, and heart warming.

The second one followed in somewhat the same footsteps and didn’t really disappoint. While it wasn’t exactly a surprising plot or anything it delivered on being one of those good animated movies, something I think Disney has been lacking in the last years. Then again I haven’t really seen much from them, like Frozen, so maybe I shouldn’t say anything. Hmph. Anyway, I’d recommend it!

After Adina had left it got kind of empty and for the first time in a long while I felt like I kind of missed having someone around. Thank god that my cats wanted to sleep in here tonight seeing as the weather took a turn for the worse. Kind of nice with some rain though now that it’s been so warm over the last couple of days. Taking the temperature down a bit and it becomes somewhat easier to fall asleep.



Apparently one of my neighbors is moving out which is such a shame since their cats are getting along well with both of mine. I’ll miss that black and white cat who always came and wanted to cuddle while we were tanning in the garden.

Now I’ll try to get some sleep before 2am for once.. see how that goes.

Take care y’all!