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Guilty conscience

Now that we’re officially into my vacation we can all celebrate that the weather took a turn for the worse and that the bloody wind is back again. Can’t we? Haha. Well.

I’m a bit sore today. Had a crash on my bike but I’m really happy it all went well. I came around a corner a bit too quick and there was a mother and her little girl. They both went separate ways but then the girl went for her mother and I hit her dead on. So, so scared that she had hurt herself but she was mostly in shock and everything went well. But a wake up call for me to take it a bit more easy in the walkways. Puh. My conscience got a torn in its side I tell you. Felt really bad, still do.

On a bit more merry note, I’m glad I picked up Game of Thrones again. It’s interesting and I can’t stop watching. Two more episodes left on season 4. Bet I’ll see those tomorrow. Then we’re onto season 5. Me and Adina is playing the video game from Telltale so it’s quite interesting all of it.

Dagens lilla MTB-klipp 🚴💨 #trek #biking

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  1. Det är bara jag och dom två gråa som ska flytta. Så zyra den svartvita kommer bo kvar här med Tommy. Tommy har börjat tappa sina känslor för mig, så han vill att jag flyttar ut för han tror att han behöver sakna mig. Om inte så gör han slut.

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