It seems like we always find something to whine about, doesn’t it? Haha. We’ve been having this insane heat going on in Sweden these last couple of days and while it’s really, really nice it also causes some issues. Like constant sweating, sticky skin, double the amount of laundry, problems with sleep, etc. But! I definitely won’t complain. I’ve been longing for this weather for a long time so the biking gets better.

And on that topic I was out with both the mountain bike and the racer today. Took some new GoPro footage that I’ll upload sometime in the future and I felt like a fucking cow thanks to all those flies that gathered around my sweaty body. Thanks guys! Later on in the evening, when I had managed not to die due to lack of water or energy, me and Lennart went out for a longer ride and visited an old friend who lives in the outskirts of our town. Actually a really nice place, unfortunately I didn’t take any photos. When the temperature drops in the evening it’s really nice to be outside. I hope this will be a great summer!

Apart from that I’ve picked up Game of Thrones again after a hiatus of like two years. Been watching 3-4 episodes of the fourth season. Me and Adina started to play the game the other day so I figured I had to catch up with the TV show. I wasn’t really stoked about it but now that I’ve gotten into it I realize why I liked it so much when it first started. The intrigues. The characters. The plot twists. The shocking moments. Oh boy.

Tomorrow I’m planning on getting up early and going out for a bike ride before the day becomes too hot. After that no real plans. I had the same plan today but ended up sleeping till like noon. Shame on me. But I guess it was needed. It’s Britain’s F1 GP tomorrow too so looking forward to that!

Now it’s time for some more Game of Thrones~ Have a nice weekend y’all!

PS. I’m on vacation btw! Four weeks starting on Monday. Sweet~~