Another lovely day. Det går bra nu, as the saying goes in Swedish. I hope it continues down this path. Would be really nice. But given the fact that we’re having after work tomorrow and I’m going out for dinner with family on Friday things are looking pretty good.

Today I had a nice day at work and hung out with Sonja and Tammie (new colleague) for lunch. Today we actually premiered sitting on the balcony at work eating. Was splendid I tell you. Sushi too, yummy! After that I went and got some flowers for my friend Alma who graduated from high school today. Gratz to her! So went over there and celebrated with her family and friends which was very nice as always since they’re so good people. I really feel at home there. Again, makes me very happy and I feel blessed to have such good people around me. And that they want me in their circle of friends.

Now I’m off to bed since there is a day tomorrow (or rather today since it’s way late). Imma go out and get the cats. Yesterday Esther caught a bird and ate it till there was nothing left but a tiny little leg. That little warrior.