So so happy today! It’s quite honestly been a perfect day. It’s days like these that you live for really. Sure, there might be even better days but those can be counted on your very fingers.

Work went well, and was over in a breeze. We had lots of fun with the face swap app. Oh and L’Oreals new Makeup Genius. Try it out, haha. Lovely weather, for once too! Sun literally overflowing. Therapist session wasn’t such a hard time either. Then out for a bike ride, only to come home to good company and some barbecue. I really, really love my friends. And it’s so nice to see that we all get along so well and have fun together. Makes me super happy about the people I have around me. And it makes me happy to see them all smile. One of the best feelings~

Now I’m gonna treat myself to some ice cream and watch something nice. Hope you guys had a good day as well! <3