What’s up fellas? Been having a slightly worse day today. Trying not to let my mood slip and it’s working quite well so far. Watched a movie earlier to take my mind off of things. Focus. Will Smith. Margot Robbie. Nothing spectacular but easy to digest and quite entertaining.

Isn’t it funny that when you run into problems they usually seem to stack up during a short period of time? Just this week I’ve had a package disappear during shipping, there’s been miscommunication between social insurance and my doctor so I’ve only gotten half of my economical compensation and on top of that my bike has lost a bolt so I’m back to riding on my dad’s bike again. Thankfully I have that though, since I managed to get a short bike ride in today which felt like a blessing.

Also, don’t miss that Kung Fury shows on SVT 2 22.15 tonight. Hopefully we’re in for a treat!