Recently I’ve been biking a lot since it’s really relaxing and it’s fun. Takes my mind off of things. I need that now. So I’ve decided to invest in a new bike since I’m currently borrowing dad’s. Today I stumbled upon a roe deer while biking in the woods. Was really serene. We both stopped and looked at each other for over a minute. Nature is beautiful. I also always stumble upon cats that I have to pet, haha.

Apart from that I’ve been having a good last week even though every day is a challenge and it’s never really been this bad, the anxiety. But I’m starting, again, to learn how to deal with it. My new therapist is real good support and basically says that no one should have to deal with the feelings I have. It takes over. So yeah, hopefully we can come to terms with what’s going on so we can start to process it and yeah, defeat it.

Have you seen Danny MacAskill before? He’s crazy. I’m sure you’ve seen the first video with background music from Band of Horses. Took my breath away when I first saw it a few years back. He always has good music in his videos. In this we hear another good song from The Jezabels.

Make sure to listen to A Little Piece as well!