Whilst watching Big Hero 6 the other day I was discussing the gender roles with Hannah and how they are portrayed in animated movies these days. Initially there were very few female characters but there were more as the story progressed and in the end I don’t think you could complain about anything really. I’m not one to think about those things, as I never really have done, I seem to be able to get lost in the story and not think too much. But then again, I understand if you’re one of those who do and if things bug you. I also pointed out that I think Studio Ghibli has always been good at this (Princess Mononoke, Kiki’s Delivery Service, Laputa, Spirited Away, and so on) but that Disney has traditionally maybe been more for classic. Not always, but sometimes. And I think this is good because I like the traditional movies as well. With that being said, let me just say:


So, there’s a live action movie coming. Interesting to see how this can hold up against the classic animated movie. I really love all of the old Disney soundtracks. They still do them good from time to time (Frozen for instance) but I guess nostalgia wins me over. Oh all the feelings <3 Which actually ties on to the next thing we were discussing. How animated movies, at least from my perspective, can evoke feelings much better than regular movies. Not saying regular movies can't, just that it happens rarely for me. Animated movies though, with the characters and surroundings being drawn or rendered, you can focus on the story, interaction and all that. You don't have to take into account bad acting for instance. Surely when you think of it there are other aspects that have to fall into place in an animated movie but yeah... I've always had stronger feelings for them anyway. Maybe because with a regular movie you can tell if something is wrong and that holds it back. When it does however succeed at it for sure you can end up having the same feelings. But I'm struggling to come up with those moments (Her and Dear John being the latest) while I have plenty of memories for animes for instance. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=utr1CXUEZs0 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nwZEcdBMLLU https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uQ0ODCMC6xs If those songs don't make you feel then I don't know what does. Gosh, makes me wanna cry every single time. So pretty. Oh how I miss being in love and holding onto that someone~ 😉 Anyway. It's Friday. Have a nice weekend everyone~ PS. You have seen this already, haven’t you? DS.

PPS. The actor doing the voice of the beast in the original movie actually has the mane of the beast. Noticed?!?!