Why hello there all of you. Hope you all are doing good! If you’re living in Sweden you should have your spirits lifted a bit at least given the sun that has been shining on us lately. It sure feels as if spring is here now. So what are you all up to?

As for me I’m not really doing that much. I’m a bit like a rollercoaster as of now. Some days are completely regular and I feel like myself and quite happy. The other days are varied, sometimes a lack of sleep, sometimes a lack of confidence, sometimes filled with worry. It’s a constant battle and all I wish is that I’d be good this instant so that I could go back to leading my life regularly. Living with these issues takes you back years in confidence and life situation whenever it strikes you. Feels like you’re losing grip of the life you had. You lose touch with friends and don’t mention the loss of income. The constant pressure from society that you should fit in and not complain. It’s hard to stand your ground and take care of your health. Sometimes it feels a bit like a nightmare. Like I said, like you’re losing grip. Life shouldn’t be like this. But yeah, thank god for friends and family. What would one ever do without those?

These past weeks I’ve just been trying to get by by doing as little as possible, which usually involves sleeping, biking, seeing friends and playing games. Not that complicated. And if it weren’t for the fact that I keep on blaming myself for feeling this way I think I would feel that life is quite good this way. But yeah, that constant pressure to sort things out and be like every other awesome person. Leading the perfect life. Heh. Yeah.

Anyways, enough about that. I’m sure it will all be well in due time. I’m just not quite sure how I will deal with this in the future, to prevent it from happen. Lots of thoughts battling for attention in my mind right now. Am I cut out for the job I have? What should I do instead if it’s not working out? Why do I constantly get these issues? What am I doing wrong? On and on and on.

But before I go I want to through out some recommendations. So yeah. Maybe something floats your boat.

PS. Big Hero 6 was kinda cosy~

If you’ve read the books by Michael Connelly about the cop turned P.I. namely Harry Bosch you might want to take a look at this. It’s an Amazon prime series (I believe) and it draws inspiration from two of his books. City of Bones and some other. Can’t seem to remember exactly. I watched it over the period of some days and I honestly quite liked it. The actor portraying Harry did a great job and I got the same atmosphere that I get from the books. Harry is also related to Michael from The Lincoln Lawyer, so chances are good that you’ll enjoy this if you seen that movie, or read the book for that matter.

Ori and the blind forest
This is a new platformer for the Xbox One and PC with a world that could have very well been created by Studio Ghibli. Don’t be fooled by the graphics though, it is actually a challenging game and some compare it to Metroid. I have not played this myself but I sure would if it was out for the PS4. Might have to take a look at it on the PC eventually.

This is a Sony exclusive and comes from the creators of Magicka, meaning two things: multiplayer sharing the same screen space and friendly fire. This time it doesn’t involve wizards in a fantasy world but rather a scifi world packed with action. You play with three friends or get paired up with others and take on missions on different worlds.

Shovel Knight
While indulging in nostalgia the other day I found this game for the Nintendo 3DS (also coming to Playstation and already out on PC) which is a mixture of Duck Tales, Metroid and Super Mario. It combines the best of the past. Platforming. Graphics. Music. Exploration. Timing. Frustration. Haha. Check it out!

Assetto Corsa Dream Pack
Released a couple of days ago as a DLC to the full game this content pack features ten new cars and a new track in three variations. This pack has been a long time coming and it has been eagerly anticipated ever since the release of Assetto Corsa. The track we’re talking about is Nürburgring Nordschleife, commonly referred to as the green hell, one of the most entertaining and historic tracks you can ever drive. Among the cars you’ll find legends like the McLaren F1 GTR and Sauber C9, but also new breeds like the McLaren P1 and Nissan GT-R GT3. This one is definitely worth checking out and I’ve been playing it for quite a few hours already. Full of quality!

Berg & Meltzer i Europa
This is for you swedes out there. Saw the first episode the other day, and apparently the only episode out as of now. These ladies have done a show similar to this one before but taking place in America instead of Europe. Interesting and funny. Love these ladies!