It’s been a good weekend despite the circumstances and right now I feel kind of relaxed and properly tired. Hopefully will get a good nights sleep. Been trying my best to calm down these past three days and I think it’s working. Hopefully it will continue to work so that I can get back to a normal life. Talk with my boss went well and I’ll be working three days a week for the time being until I feel like my energy level is back up to normal. I definitely won’t stress about that. In due time.

Have two recommendations I want to hand out. Or maybe three actually. First and foremost we watched this movie called Million Dollar Arm. A movie based on a true story and starring Jon Hamm, one of my favorite actors. Baseball movie about Hamm where he plays a sports agent. It had heart and was very well played. I got into the whole sports movie thing when we first watched Draft Day. So yeah, go see it. Also been watching this series called Agent Carter. It’s the sister series to Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, starring Hayley Atwell who plays Captain America’s love interest during the first movie. I’ve got a couple of episodes left on the first season but I like it.

Then I played this game, or actually a downloadable episode to The Last of Us, called Left Behind. Sooooo good. If you haven’t played this game you ought to do yourself a favor and do so. This DLC had more of the storytelling part that the actual game did so well. By the time it was over you wanted to hug the characters because you’ve grown so fond of them (Ellie & Riley). Even though the episode lasted for only two hours you grew quite the connection to the characters. I also liked how they made no fuss about the fact that they are two girls being interested in each others. Felt completely natural, whereas most other games almost struggle to depict love in a good way at all. So yeah, utterly recommended.

Also, a big shoutout to my friends and family. Without you I would’ve been completely lost right now. You know who you are, thanks <3