Went with Kristofer and watched this lovely band tonight. I think I really needed that even though it was tough to gather the energy to actually go. I haven’t been listening a whole lot to them but they were among the best I’ve seen live. So charming and to the heart. Some of their songs are like… you just wanna hug them. Very cosy. Emmylou of course is hard not to love. Makes me want to watch Walk the Line again. I never really watched all of it since I fell asleep back then. But I remember it touched me. And so did this concert. Happy I went. I hear these girls are big across the globe so it feels like a privilege to be able to have seen them when they came home. Yay. I’m happy to say that it’s been a good day and I feel pleasantly happy for once. If this would’ve been a Friday I would’ve gotten drunk and watched a sappy movie and it would’ve been the perfect day. But you can’t have it all, now can you? 😉

Sweet dreams y’all~