It’s been a while friends. No real energy to write stuff here at the moment. Kind of going through a rough patch. Yeah I know. AGAIN. Well, that’s my life. Hopefully I’ll get the urge back to write here some more in the future. Used to be a good way to process stuff. But now, naw. Can’t really say that 2015 has started out in a splendid fashion. Hope yours is better.

Apart from feeling like a wreck and being tense as fuck I’ve tried to play some games. I’ve just now finished with The Last of Us which was a brilliant, brilliant game. It’s not often that you grow a close connection to the characters and feel that sense of loss when the game is over. Like a really good TV show or an intriguing book. This had that though. Can’t wait to play the Left Behind episode. Also going through Burial at Sea (BioShock Infinite). I like how both games have strong female characters, both of whom actually are more interesting than the male lead. Oh and on that topic I also want to recommend a game that I tried out recently, namely Life is strange. It’s a new episodic game in five parts. You can read IGN’s review here.

Oh and I’ve mentioned haven’t I? I got this tip by Hannah which was real nice because I love my tees. Used to get some pretty cool ones from my ex but I’m bad with buying clothes myself so this site was a real blessing. Only bad thing being that you get addicted to it and start to ‘waste’ money. Good that they’re quite cheap.






Uhm. Yeah. Take care~