The ability to be in touch with your emotions is both a blessing and a curse. You know? Honestly I guess it’s more of a blessing but sometimes you just wish you could tone things down slightly. I’m gonna keep things short and to the point tonight since tomorrow is work day again. If I’m up for it? Hell no. Do I have a choice? Not really.

1) Sis left for London

She’s had bad luck both with studies and jobs but now she’s leaving for au pair work. I can’t remember feeling anything remotely like this when she last went there so I’m not sure if I’m just being overly emotional at this moment but it feels kinda tough. Probably because I’m close with my family so it affects me not being able to see all of them. But I wish her the best of luck anyway! Hopefully she will find much fun, new knowledge and friends over there. And we’ll be sure to come and visit her 🙂

2) Arkham City, Alien Isolation and Steam In Home Streaming

Games, games and games. I thought when I went into this holiday that damn I’ll be playing a lot of games. As it turns out I haven’t really. Well a bit but not as much as I might have wanted. I’ve barely touched Dragon Age for instance. But we’ve managed to finish Arkham City which was one hell of a game and really enjoyable to play, just like Arkham Asylum. It’ll be fun to see how the new game from Rocksteady pans out. Arkham Knight, is it? The ending to the game was kind of shocking btw, but quite grand. I might have changed a thing or two but I still like it, hehe.


We’ve also started to play this game called Alien Isolation which is fucking atmospheric and quite scary truth be told. I remember being in love with a game called Alien vs Predator 2 for the PC back in the days. It had three awesome campaign stories and the marine arc was very well done. Super atmospheric and exciting. This game kind of captures that same feeling. I really recommend it if you want to play a game that’s more of an first person experience or first person adventure rather than a run of the mill shooter. Looking forward to see more of what this game has to offer.

Lastly I want to tell all you PC gamers of something called Steam In Home Streaming. Maybe some of you have already heard about it but it allows for you to play a game via another computer in your home. For me this means that I can play brand new PC games on my laptop Macbook Air with my Xbox 360 controller by streaming it via Steam. It’s super convenient and so far it works great. I didn’t have any luck playing on a wireless network since there’s so much interference from other wireless networks in this house but after hooking up to wired it worked flawlessly. Should work fine with a wireless network as well if it’s fairly stable. Mine’s fast but seemingly not stable.


3) Upgraded server area and LVM

This is super geeky but I thought I’d share a bit anyhow. I’ve added some storage units to my server, and as I’ve already told you I also added a Raspberry Pi. I got to know how to hook up external USB drives, identify them and mount them. Also looked into this thing called LVM, Logical Volume Management, which is quite neat as an alternative to software RAID. It basically means that you use what’s called volume groups to add your disks too. And these volume groups can then be divided into logical volumes, as many as you’d like per volume group, as long as there is space left. You can also add more disks to volume groups as you go and in that way add more space to a logical volume on the fly, without having to add more mounting points etc. I also learnt that the ext file system on my RAID (or on disk or partition for that matter) had five percent space reserved for the operating system. That’s why it for some reason seemed like there was less space available than what ought to given how much was used. Could be adjusted with tune2fs. Great to know!


Oh and one more thing. The sushi maestro of Ulricehamn is back in town. How I have longed for sushi this past month. Damn. Welcome back man!




Now that’s one funny chocolate santa (no it’s not mine :-P)