Morning sunshines! Hope you’ve had a good weekend this far. I’m doing quite good actually and yesterday was fine. Saw a friend that I don’t hang out with too often which is a shame because he’s a good guy and we always share a lot of laughs when we eventually do get to hang out.

Anyway, together with another friend we ended up watching the classic movie Alien. Hannah hadn’t seen it so we felt obligated to enlighten her about this piece of movie history. It all started because we tried this new game out called Alien Isolation. Gosh was that a pretty game. Very atmospheric. I’ve heard it’s not that good as a whole but I felt that it at least approached things differently than most games lately and that felt fresh.

The weather is beautiful outside today and I’m thinking to head out for a bike ride if the surface is not too icy. But first I want to praise a song that I know I’ve mentioned before but that deserves to be mentioned again because it might just be the best song of 2014. It’s a song you could easily fall in love to and then you listen to the lyrics and it tells a completely different story than you might first have imagined. It is the very essence of what I like in a song. Hauntingly beautiful. I’m throwing in another old favorite from 2014.

Also, when I was browsing YouTube for these songs I found an amazing girl doing equally amazing covers of songs I really like. Check her out. I mean it, really do!

PS. It hurts a bit inside thinking of the fact that work starts again soon. I really feel the best when I’m free to dispose of my time like this. And not to mention the lowered stress level.