Hi there, Mr 3 am. I’ve seen you quite often lately. It mustn’t become a habit. But how are you anyhow?


I’m here two tell you about two things today. The first thing I’m going to tell you is that a Raspberry Pi can be the perfect companion if you want to turn your Apple TV into a Plex streaming device. There is no native app for Plex on the ATV so you need some middleware to actually feed the device the streaming data. All you need is a Raspberry Pi and some basic knowledge of Linux. What I did was I got a case for it, a wireless network adapter and a micro USB to power it off another computer. I then installed Raspbian, got the WLAN up and running, installed PlexConnect and configured the Apple TV. Not super easy but not rocket science either. Honestly, running a computer attached to the network that actually does some work and powering it with a simple USB connector – priceless!


The other thing. This is pretty amazing as well. I watched a movie tonight starring Michael Pitt, Brit Marling and Astrid Bergès-Frisbey. It really struck a chord with me. Usually I have a really hard time picking movies. Especially when I’m about to watch one myself. I very seldom find one that is fitting of my current mood. It’s like I’m not mentally prepared for anything. Or I’m just hard to motivate. What do I know. In any case, this movie was truly beautiful and really hard to watch at the same time. Tears were shed as is standard when I watch movies on my own lately. Whenever a motion picture can make you feel something I think that goes to show that it’s well made and something out of the ordinary. At least for you. It mixed some very basic human emotions with an interesting idea regarding life on the bigger picture. It’s probably one of those flicks that goes under most peoples’ radar, but I can thoroughly recommend it. Love the actors as well as the intensity and sincerity.



So yeah. That’s all for me tonight. Oh and yeah. Don’t miss out on the Overkligt kickstarter campaign. The best pod out there right now coupled with P3 Spel.

Love out~

Two songs from the I Origins soundtrack that stayed with me. You ought to listen to these. Pretty~~~

The Dø – Dust It Off
Radiohead – Motion Picture Soundtrack