It’s official. I’ve decided to go back to iPhone, the smart phone that I first started off with. We were replacing all of our phones at work and seeing as my Xperia Z was two years old I decided to jump the train. Ended up with an iPhone 6 Plus 64GB. The decision was hard to make seeing as I really love the Android operating system and the nifty features they have in there. I do however have a Mac laptop and I already replaced my tablet (Nexus 7) with an iPad Mini. Love the retina Mini btw, no reason to own a bigger one. Really.


Anyway. People say it’s so big and sure it is larger than your average smart phone. To be honest with you I think the Xperia Z was the perfect size really. Five inches. It’s the same size as the regular iPhone 6. Then again I barely use my phone as a phone anymore so bigger screen is never a bad thing. Taking the better optics and optic image stabilization into account, as well as longer battery life and a screen with proper resolution it was never really a hard decision. Regular 6 vs Plus that is. And now that I’ve used it for a week or so I almost feel as if my old Sony is small in my hand.

There are things however that I do miss, coming from Android:

  • No notification LED
  • No back button
  • I can’t double tap with my thumb and zoom by scrolling up and down. This was effective to zoom with only one finger
  • SwiftKey for iOS is simply not as good as the Android version, and it freezes other apps from time to time
  • You can’t share media and/or files between apps as easily as on Android. For instance uploading a photo from the Photos app to Dropbox can’t done as of now. They are implementing this more and more so I’m sure it’ll be possible in due time.
  • The possibility to add direct dial shortcuts on the home screen for you most dialed persons / numbers
  • Widgets. No, just kidding! I know widgets are huge among Android nerds but I never really got along with them. I think they only show a part of what the actual app shows so I rather start the app. The only ones I did like where the ones which allowed you to start/stop certain things like WiFi, Airplane mode, etc

That said, there are things that are really neat with iOS / iPhone:

  • Eco system and product quality. Apps are great and so’s the product
  • Screen is absolutely stunning. It’s no (AM)OLED but it’s amazing none the less
  • Apple TV (mirror iPad or iPhone screen, stream everything, show photos, etc. If awesome ever were suitable this would be it!)
  • Camera, especially in low light conditions
  • Photostream (once you’ve figured out how it works)
  • iMessage
  • Ability to send and receive regular messages and calls through your computer or iPad using the iPhone as a relay
  • AirDrop
  • Battery life. Almost last two days on regular use or a full day of power usage
  • Touch ID is quite nifty really
  • Tiny Wings!!!1

So yeah, all in all I think I’ll be plenty pleased in the long run. Let’s just hope they don’t release an iPhone 7 anytime soon 😉