Xmas last year wasn’t a big delight for me if truth be told. In the end I got plenty drunk, watched a sappy movie and behaved like a five year old. This year was much, much, much better which feels like a blessing considering how tough these past months have been. Last year I went into Xmas with a predestined path that could not in any way be achieved, which of course was extremely devastating. And stupid. This year I went with the flow and it all was very nice. Like it should be. Oh and now I can finally relax, let my body and soul heal and hope for a magnificent and loving 2015.

When all is said and done I’m very satisfied with how this past year went and how it all ended really well. I’ve managed to do some new tasks at work, all of which went very well and with great results. Involved people were happy and content and I must say that it makes me feel very proud. I’ve also gotten to know some new, kind persons both at work and in my personal life. Me and my colleague hosted a kick ass christmas party at work. So on so forth. I’m sure I’ll get the time to look back at the year that passed soon enough but right now it feels good anyway.

But yeah, today was good. Spent with closest of relatives and my loving family. Watching these recurring xmas shows warms your heart. It feels a bit silly saying it, that TV shows are that important but it’s true. I think it’s because it brings people together. You all sit down and you laugh and enjoy it together. I think parts of it are very touching as well. Kan du vissla Johanna always brings me close to tears since it’s such a funny and kind movie. Genuinely kind. It’s those small gestures that captures the essence of what life should all be about.

During the evening we sat down with the family only, brought along my cats who played along nicely with my first cat Alice, shared our xmas gifts and watched Svensson Svensson and Notting Hill. I must say that I once again has ended up too spoiled. But it was easier this year around than last year. Sometimes I just end up not feeling worth all the things that people give me and it’s harsh. But I’m thoroughly happy for all the things I received this year. Very thought of things and I’m happy that people feel that they want to give me all these things. Notting Hill by the way is such a sweet movie. Julia is so pretty, Hugh is so goofy and it really, even though it’s an unbelievable story and setting, captures the essence of what I think love is and feels like. It at least brings me close to those feelings. And of course Svensson Svensson is hilarious. Gustav…

Now I’ve finished this least religious of religious days with some truffles salami and chatting. Soon I’ll be off to bed and tomorrow I’ll sleep as long as I possibly can. I’m sure that won’t be too long though as I often get woken up by the cats but hey, no worries. Looking forward to finishing Batman and delving into Dragon Age 3 <3 Again, hope you've had a lovely christmas so far and that it continues to be good for you all. Drive carefully if you do so as it is incredibly slippery outside. No need to hurry anyplace. Take care and lots of love to you all~

Like I said, way spoiled…


Got to talk to this loving and goofy person <3


My precious little rascal of a cat


Both my babies