Drifting further and further away from anything that could be remotely called relaxation, holiday and feel-good. But I’m officially off work at least. I’ve had some good days but I can’t seem to quite enjoy it thoroughly. There’s something back there that keeps me a tad stressed out and a tad at a distance from true… eh, happiness? Well whatever. I think I’ve just gotten spoiled in terms of what’s good in life. If I were to compare to five years ago I would have probably considered the now quite precious. Maybe.

Still having a few things left to do before xmas can finally commence. Like the small shitty fucktards of a gift for the gift race. And wrapping some final gifts. Oh and yeah, a few more things that my brain can’t seem to process right now. Enlightened Hannah by watching Gremlins the other day. Now that’s what I call a proper xmas movie. Whatever happened to all those eighties movies that had an additional character in terms of atmosphere and surroundings? Today I also got to see two old friends and managed to help a friend build another computer.

Oh and we’ve released a couple of new sites, namely taiga.se, taigatestcamp.com and highchaparral.se. Hope you like them.

Plus, look at these fabulous bottles of liquor that I got from my lovely colleagues. Thanks guys, you’re the best and you know what a man need to drown his sorrows. Ho ho ho.