Hello guys. How are you doing?! I’m relieved. The pace is slowly starting to wind down. Somewhat. Last Friday we had our annual xmas party at work. This time me and Erik hosted the whole event and we went to Glasets Hus in Limmared. Limmared was the place where IPM (where I work) started out thirty years ago so we thought it fitting to return there. I must say the night went well and it seemed like everyone had a good time. The face everyone got when we handed them a christmas sock with a Kung beer in it. Priceless. And to think that me and Erik had randomly drawn each other when we were to pick a colleague to buy xmas gift for… and then buy the exact same thing for another. Funny stuff. But I love my new Raspberry Pi. Awesome!


Apart from that not much. Spent most of the weekend being hung over and doing nothing much at all. But it was a nice party really. I’ve also managed to upgrade my server to a new CPU, all funded by my lovely friends who thought it would be nice if the Plex service worked better. Started to play Batman Arkham City as well. Can’t wait to play more often once I’m finally off work. Which is next Friday. Next fucking Friday. It’s insane. Time sure flies.



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