Ha! It’s Friday. And what a week it has been. Staying late at the office pretty much every single day. I’ll be one happy chap once this winter crunch is done and all of our projects are done. Then I’ll say hello to three weeks off and lots of friends, beer, gaming and whatever else good things that can happen during winter holiday.

Today has been quite hectic. Started off with a bike ride to the outer parts of Ulricehamn. Had a scheduled follow up with my shrink of sorts. I’m happy to yet again have made it through a tough period in my life and fuck I’m proud of myself. Some might seem me as weak. I know I have accused myself of being that from time to time. But I’m proud to be able to face my demons whenever they show up and actually come out of it stronger every single time. Many just seem to ignore theirs, blame others or run away. That doesn’t really work for me since that would ruin my life all together. All I can say is I recommend talking to someone, getting over your issues and open up to what’s going on in your head. Don’t be afraid of the person you are and let yourself feel the way you feel, and first and foremost listen to your feelings and your body. Not sure this goes for everyone but it really has worked wonders for me. Even though they are very basic things. I still feel like a bad person from time to time, but meh, I’m working on it.. 😉


I also had the weirdest of nightmares this night. Felt really weird, worked up and anxious. Might have been because the cats acted like a-holes. Now they’re sleeping next to me, probably to save up energy for the night so they can run around like crazy. Here’s praying for a good night’s sleep. But yeah, nightmares. I don’t remember much of it right now but I know there was a sawn off cock being used as a statue somewhere in there. Wonder what that would mean if I were to read my dreams. I also happened to screw up later on. After the session I remember thinking.. please, let there be keys to the bike in my pocket. And sure, there were two keys in my pocket. I started to unlock the bike when I realized… heck, this key doesn’t fit in here. I’d brought two apartment keys. HA! Joke of the day. And here I’d been looking forward to attacking the downhill roads on my way back. Bummer. Luckily my colleague could pick me up.

Not sure if I’ve told you but I’m also hosting the annual christmas party together with one of my closest colleagues. It’s gonna be a blast. Hoping everyone will have a good time. We’re still sorting out some of the last details. I also have to remember to buy an xmas present for my designated colleague. The stuff in my head these days. So much going on. Thankfully my life aside from work is really plain. This weekend I have nothing planned really. Might go out of town tomorrow with some friends but right now I feel like lying on bed all day long. It’s movie night tomorrow at least.

So yeah. I feel like all I’m talking about is work and my assignments and responsibilities there but that’s about all that goes on in my life right now. It feels nice to be able to pull all of it off though. I feel like maybe becoming project manager for all the technical projects would be fun in the future. Apart from all the technical stuff in general then, which is fun too but taking up so much of my productive time. Cloning myself would be a neat thing right now. I wonder how I would be as a subordinate. If I would be pleased with what the clone would put out. Now that’d be fun to experience. It would truly help to see yourself from a third perspective. Particularly to study your good and bad sides.

No nothing more boring to share today.