A funny thing that happened just minutes before I travelled to Sthlm: the zip locker to my bag broke. Of course. Perfect timing. So now I’m hunting for a new weekend bag. Think I’ve found the one I want. So if you think I’ve been a particularly good friend this year, maybe for xmas? 😉


I’m also a bit curious about Dragon Age 3. I haven’t played any of those games but I love the Mass Effect games. And a fantasy game might be cool. I think I’ll be playing it during winter break. Not that I don’t have games to play already but hey! I finished the Zelda 3DS game which was awesome considering it flirted so much with the old SNES game. Now I have New Super Marios Bros 2 and Mario 3D Land to tackle.

My favorite song with Taylor from her latest album. There are a few others worth mentioning to but I’ll post them eventually.