Long day. Tough day. But a productive day none the less. We were working away from the office for once and it was really nice. Just getting to focus on work for once. I have had too many days lately with phone calls, meetings, handing out tasks, etc. It’s fun but it’s frustrating in the long run when you’re not getting your own work done. But it’ll probably sort itself out soon enough when the pace settles down.

I feel relieved none the less. Today I had a releasing breakdown of some sort. Cried for the first time in a really long time. It might sound odd but I really enjoy it when it happens. Connects me with my feelings and with my experiences. I had to reach out to an old friend for some comfort afterwards, even if I didn’t get an answer. I knew somehow that she’d understand and that was enough. It’s funny how you after two years still can miss a person to the extent that all of your pours are aching. It becomes a mental practice in masochism. And it’s not so much intellectually because in that sense time does heal (and you regain a life worth living), but emotionally and subconsciously it’s still there, and those things surface every once in a while. I like how anime touches you that way. Gosh. Sometimes I wish I could go to a beta world line. Damn you, Okabe.

PS. Yay, my nostrils finally opened up again. I can breath! ^_^;;

Makise Kurisu - The ghost of my past