I could get used to weeks like this. Working two days and being free for five. That works for me. Honestly. Today (Sunday) has been a really slow day and it’s been awesome really. Yesterday we watched Guardians of the Galaxy, got slightly drunk and laughed our asses off. Today I’ve just been out for a walk with Andreas and Hannah and after that finished the most fun game in a long time – A Link Between Worlds for the 3DS. Now I thought I’d end the day with a couple of episodes of Steins;Gate and maybe the latest episode of P3 Spel. We’ll see. It’s getting later after all, and tomorrow I’m giving a brief lecture for a customer. Social media is the topic, and how to handle their social channels. The joy. But it’ll be fine.


This week has been a particularly awesome week really. Filled with friends and travel mainly. Both small things, like taking a really long walk with Hannah (new friend of mine and best buddies cousin), and visiting the perfume store with Pernilla and Stina. I finally decided on one for the moment but I’m having my eyes on a couple of others. But I think we had more fun sampling the ladies collection really. Apart from that I’ve also been to Stockholm for roughly three days. We went there mainly to watch Ed Sheeran but decided to stay a couple of days to enjoy more of what the city had to offer.


In the end we strolled around the city, visited Fotografiska, took the subway, went to eat at a place called Bar Nombre (which I can thoroughly recommend, awesome waiter with whom we had lots of fun talking to), did some small shopping and enjoyed hotel breakfast. Had a good time really, and I hope LinnĂ©a did as well. The main event was of course the concert and boy Ed has gotten really popular lately. The Globe wasn’t entirely filled with people but it wasn’t far from it. He played lots of songs, mainly from the new album but some good ones from the first one too. Here’s the setlist if you’re interested in those things.

Listening to Ed, hearing him live, brought along lots of old memories and while it isn’t as fresh anymore I can honestly say that you don’t forget or get over your past. Or move on or whatever people call it. Things stick with you forever, whether you like it or not. You get used to living with it. Get used to being alone again. It also helps to have awesome and loving friends around you, since your focus is being drawn to other things than looking inward, and backward. It is amazing really. Having to face autumn and winter alone during these circumstances would have been quite horrible. I’m grateful I’ve been able to meet so many wonderful persons along the way. Persons that remind me that I’m not so horrible of a person as I might one day have thought. You all are, quite frankly, lifesavers! <3

More videos from the concert can be found here