You know I feel like I say this a thousand times but where the fuck did this last year go? Summer holidays flashed by which felt really shitty in a way and all of a sudden we’re a month away from Christmas. More or less. The other day I started to have those holiday feelings and wishes for a good Christmas all over again. Last year was tough because I had hopes and expectations that was impossible to live up to one could say. This year… well, of course I would like to have a holiday like that. But I’ll be super happy just having cosy evenings with friends and family, drinking mulled wine, eating gingerbread, buying xmas gifts for the people around me, and having a nice time basically. I’m also off work for three weeks this holiday. Blessing. This coming week I’m also free from work for three days so I’ll only be working two days – Monday and Tuesday. Hopefully I’ll manage to fit in everything that I need to get done project wise. Then it’s off to Stockholm with LinnĂ©a to watch Ed Sheeran and hopefully charge my batteries a bit.

Now I’m off for some Link Between Worlds and Steins;Gate. The latter btw, I really really recommend that anime. And yeah, I miss my anime days sometimes. I really do. Then again I’m a nostalgia person and there are a lot of things I miss.

Good night you~