You know those moments when you get the chills hearing something, like a piece of music or listening to someone telling a good story. Can also be when someone is fiddling with your hair. Very nice sensation. I really like that with audio books and podcasts. Lately I’ve ben listening to two podcasts in particular and I’m also planning on adding a third to my schedule.

P3 Spel – probably the best Swedish podcast about games. Love the hosts.

SPELA-podden – doesn’t have the same quality as P3 Spel but it’s interesting none the less and the hosts Alfred, Jonas and Kerstin are all very good.

TVdags-podden – TVdags is a page that I frequently visit to read about current and upcoming TV shows. I think their pod might be interesting

Overkligt – I’m throwing this into the mix since I think Victor from P3 Spel is simply awesome. Hoping this one might be good as well.

Oh and on the topic of getting the chills, my scalp massager is dead 🙁