Hi blog. Hi friends. It’s Sunday evening again, and it’s turning a tad late as usual. But I have a few things I want to fit in before going to bed. Saying hello to you guys for instance.

Tonight we watched a movie directed by Zach Braff. He’s a very likable guy from my point of view. A kind a person I’d see myself as, or would like to be. I don’t know if you’ve seen Garden State but it’s a brilliant movie with an equally brilliant soundtrack. Coldplay and The Shins to mention two. This movie, called Wish I was here, didn’t quite reach the heights of the aforementioned but there were moments where it gleamed. The talks between guy and girl, father and son, daughter and father, father and daughter-in-law. And the soundtrack was awesome of course, with Radical Face, Bon Iver, Coldplay and The Shins to mention a few.

Wish I was here

Apart from that I’m doing somewhat fine. Still not awesome in terms of health but I’ve had some really good days with refreshing walks and bike trips. One along the lake on a pitch black trail where I barely saw the road ahead of me. But it was nice. We went shopping at the local dollar store. An achievement among many. But first and foremost I spent time with lovely friends. After work with Pernilla & Erik, my very best sidekicks at work. Taco night and surprise party with the gang. Movie sleepover with Elinore. And of course Sunday beer with my main man Andreas. Plus one or two spontaneous chitchats with my best neighbors. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to fit in too much of me time lately but I’ll try when next week comes around.


Oh and remember, the things left untold stay with us forever. That’s why I’m going to write a post with the things I feel that I should probably express to people around me some day and eventually, maybe, I’ll get to actually saying those things to those people. Cause it means a lot really. A new friend of mine told me this week that she’s happy I’m her friend. Even if you might full well know, the action of actually saying it explicitly makes it mean a lot more. There’s a balance there. Sometimes actions are all that matter, and sometimes a couple of words mean everything. It’s those small things that let’s you know life is worth living. Having fun with people you like and knowing that in their company you belong and you matter.

Sweet dreams~~

My doppelganger!!