I just finished watching the documentary about the Swedish race car driver Marcus Ericsson. Too bad it was only 20-25 minutes, I cold have watch an entire one hour program about this guy. It’s really awesome knowing that we have such a humble and talented driver from Sweden in Formula 1. Knowing how many good racing drivers there are out there and to have achieved that much despite the competition, and come so far. Inspirational, awesome, fun, touching and exciting. It’s also great to see that Marcus is doing great lately. Keep up the good work and good luck!

It’s officially autumn now I’d say. The freshness in the air. It’s slightly more cold and humid. The breeze is chilling and yeah. It’s pretty nice though, even if it gets darker earlier. I don’t really notice it during mornings since I get out of bed that late. Soon all of the leaves have fallen too. There’ve been some nice colours brightening up the days for the past weeks though. Sweet. Apart from that I’ve been having some rough weeks. Tough weeks. It’s mentally challenging trying to go by your days when you have this anxious feeling in your entire body for most of the time. Waking up and already after a couple of minutes you feel that something is not right. Even as I write this I have a sensation in my body that is not good, but I think it’s partly due to me being in front of a monitor. I try not to sit in front of the computer or the iPad as much when I’m off work. Taking walks, resting and just doing other things really has helped me getting better. Because I do feel better today and have been doing so for the last two or three days. It feels nice. After this I’m going out for a short bike ride. Biking’s fun and relaxing.

Earlier this week me, Erik and Pernilla had a short but sweet after work. We got to see her temporary apartment which I could actually see myself living in. Very cosy if done correctly. Later on we were joined by my neighbors and watched a movie called Grand Budapest Hotel. A very peculiar movie but it was good. Recommended if you’ve enjoyed Wes Anderson’s movies in the past. Once again, what would I do without my friends? I feel like I’ve gotten real close to the new guys here at work which is a blessing. It’s always a bit sad seeing people leave, which has been the case over the last months. But it helps that the new guys are so sweet and fun.

Apart from that we also started to watch the last season of American Horror Story. Seems promising. I like how they bring back many of the cast members but they have a unique story and twist on every season. Just great. Supernatural also started but I haven’t been watching it just yet. Agents of SHIELD is back as well and it’s a series I really enjoy. Just like Supernatural it’s easy to digest, entertaining and quite exciting. Last but not least the last two episodes of Gundam Unicorn are out. I watched the first five with a friend a couple of years back and we both enjoyed it. Going to finish that off in the coming days. Not that I remember much of it but hopefully my memory will pick it up a few minutes in.

And for you Mac guys out there. You haven’t missed out on the new OS being out, have you? Yosemite was released a day or so back. I have actually not installed it yet but will be doing so in the coming days. There are a few interesting features in it, especially if you are using more than one Apple product. It can talk to your phone or ipad better for instance. It also has better iCloud support, namely iCloud Drive or whatever it was called. So yeah, will be nice to try out. Plus they released some new iPads and a new iMac with Retina display. Wonder if they will upgrade the Thunderbolt display in the coming months for better resolution.

Anyways, I ought to go. Getting tired in both head and eyes. This evening me and my family are going to the local restaurant to eat good food. I’ve heard good things about the place so excited to see the menu. I’ve also arranged for my entire work crew to go there in the end of November so this will be a preview of that.

Hope all of you guys are doing good! Take care~~ 🙂