Getting the chills from listening to country music again, all those fantastic songs that grew close to my heart over the past two or so years. Are there any other music genre that captures every day life as good as country does? I don’t believe so.

And this is about where my energy runs out these days. But I’m not really doing much, it’s just that my brain thought that I was up to too much earlier on and now it’s decided that hey… you’re not supposed to do much at all, ya know? So I just play tricks on you and make your body all tense so that you don’t have any energy left after work. So that’s what I do really.

There are small things apart from work that I do do. For instance slowly practicing how to drive a car, which goes fairly well so far. I’ve not really come close to drive it for real yet though so that’s not saying much I guess. We’ve also started to watch this new series called Gotham which is about the early events in Gotham City. It’s promising this far! I’ve also gotten a friend to my cat and she’s a little rascal alright.




I cuddled with a cat on my way home on the bike today. So cuddly. Love cats.

Apart from that… yeah, not really doing much. We tried out Shadow of Mordor as well. That was kinda cool. If you enjoyed Assassin’s Creed you’re in for a treat. Especially if you look the world of Tolkien.

Oh and yeah. I have once again lost faith in internet dating, despite what anyone says. I’m flattered that people are contacting me and I’m flattered they keep on writing. But man, it’s boring and people are boring. Sadly. No one stands out. No one is fun and makes you interested. I’m more drawn to people that I used to like than these new ones who are supposed to be exciting and enticing. But whatever, it’s not like my mind or body would have energy for love now anyway.

But I’m positive really. Despite what anyone might think. People always assume that I’m depressed whenever my body is feeling bad. And sure, it’s easy to end up there but this time I’m trying. I really am. I’m just tired, is all.

Uhm yeah. In the words of LA Beast: Have a good day~