Swooosh. Monday. I don’t have a whole lot to say today. My body, and me as well most likely, is exhausted so all that I do is rest on the bed. It’s nice though. Not really feeling the need to do anything at all. Gonna go fetch the clean laundry and the cat and then go to bed I think. Lately I’ve been suffering from stress symptoms again so trying to take care. This weekend we played Skyward Sword (beat the first dungeon, woho! but used lots of curse words, haha) and I practiced driving the car. Latter went surprisingly well considering it’s been such a long time since I last tried it out. Feel much more motivated now than I did back then. Feels good. 3D Zelda is nice and all but I think I really prefer the top down versions. A link to the past, phantom hourglass, etc. The 3D versions are just too complex for my senile brain.

So yeah, leaving you with a couple of cool videos. By the way, I sold some of my photos from the karting event last weekend. Not much by any means but made me happy. Maybe I should consider getting a better camera and an additional lens to be able to take even better photos. Well, we’ll see next summer if that seems like a good idea.

Oh and by the way #2. I preordered a pair of fancy shoes for this fall. They are gorgeous. Really.