Today we watched Solitary Man. Nothing in particular really, but I just hope I never become like that. 60 years and wasted my life. Screwed my opportunities. I’ve been floating around lately, just being. Movie made me think again, and so did the last episode of True Blood.

Making not only the spectacular spectacular, but also the regular day. In that lies the big challenge of life. And for me… I must look like a yoyo from a bystander’s perspective. Changing interests. Changing mood. Changing life views. Sometimes I wonder who I am and what I really want. Because when people ask me, how do you do, I don’t know what else to answer but.. I’m fine.

I was heading down that path tonight, after having quite the awesome weekend. The come-down on Sunday evenings sometimes provoke quite some erratic emotions. And I was going to welcome it this time around, but I didn’t end up like that for some reason. Maybe that was for the better. Who knows.

I’m just odd.