The weeks are passing by quickly now. I’ve soon been working for as long as I had vacation. Soon. But yeah, it’s crazy. Time actually passes quite quickly when you’re working. Been having a good time lately too, both at work and at home. And tomorrow we’re a group of people going out to eat. Yummy!

Today I went to Axamo Ring near Jkpg to find out what I’d need to be able to drive myself there in the future. I took a small theory exam which I passed and then had a chat with a couple of guys regarding equipment, opening hours and stuff like that. It was nice and people are always so kind when you’re a noob. Especially in this hobby it seems. They kind of welcome you with open arms. That’s what I like about motorsports and related hobbies.


Apart from that I’m just a tad tired. There’s been a lot going on lately it seems. Even though I’ve only really worked. Oh and I had my driving practice permit granted. Now I only have to take the introduction course before I can start driving. Which will be fun! Looking forward to start. And even more so to actually having the license. It’ll be tough but I’ll do my best! I surprise myself these days with what I’m capable of. So I’m sure it’ll be fine 🙂

5-kamp lag 1

Didn’t I always say that sausage equals love?! Haha.