Reminding me of something I used to love in the past. But this is someone else.






Watched A Long Way Down today. I was like… taking hours to decide what the fuck I wanted to do. Even started to watch an episode of True Blood but then realized that no… this is not it. This it it. This movie. And even though it felt unengaged to begin with, it got better. Along with the wine, and the rum. Strange, isn’t it? Not really, right. Oh well. Imogen Poots. I tell you. You are, even though I don’t even know a single cell in your body, one of the prettiest and most charming persons I’ve seen. Plus, your accent is adorable. And don’t stop saying ‘sort of’, it’s cute.

Bye bye. And night night. Tomorrow is Sunday. Which marks the end of the week. And the end of this weekend. And the end of my days off. Blah. And what have I done, you ask? Nothing of course. Really nothing. Friday night with sis was nice though. We barely spend time together at all. So that was nice.

Anyway. Tomorrow. Sunday. F1 @ Spa. Kart shopping. Maybe some RC running? We’ll see. Good night fellas. Luv ya. And all that~~