I should’ve been asleep over an hour ago. Paused my True Blood episode to get my seven hours of sleep. But then I just happened to get into some karting articles and an hour passed by in an instant. Stupid. Little. Me.

But it’s awesome! Why?! Halt and Catch Fire have been renewed for a second season! Sweeeeeeeeeeeeet. That’s just… like… awesome! You should all pick it up. Seriously. But I think I’ve made myself clear about what I think about it.

I also watched a few clips from Idol tonight. I don’t watch it on TV because it takes too much time but I like the initial auditions where it’s kinda intimate and they are who they are. They’re not forced to sing something they don’t like and so on.

Oh and by the way, have you seen the video by Joel Kinnaman? It’s friggin’ great and I love the guy!

Today I also snapped some photos of my new colleagues for the company homepage. We had quite fun taking them actually, haha.