Meep there stranger, or beloved friend. Or something in between. It is quite late, unfortunately, again. And here I was home two hours ago, slightly past midnight, after having walked a friend home. Thinking that tonight, tonight I’m going to be back into a sane sleeping schedule. To prepare for work next week. But nay! Of course.

It’s nice. Taking a quick bike trip in the night. You feel so free when you’re blazing down the streets at 40-50 kph in a completely dead town. If you’re lucky you might bump into a cat or two that you can pet behind the ears, which I was today. Cooling down on the balcony watching the starry sky. Slightly drunk. Having a random chat with an old and beloved internet friend of yours. Warmth. It’s rounding up to be a nice last vacation week really. Happiness.

So yeah, what has been up? On the vacation as a whole, not much really. Not compared to last year which involved running around doing things all the time it felt like. This year has been a lot more towards stressing down (can you say that? winding down?) and just doing things that I don’t normally find time to do. It’s been nice. And I quite enjoy that these past days have been a bit colder. Even though it has come with some rain and thunderstorms. Nice.

It’s funny because while I haven’t done much this summer it almost feels like all of the days that I HAVE been doing something, well, then it has been raining. Like the other day when we went to BorĂ¥s to shop for clothes and a new GoPro camera. It just started pouring down when we were heading downtown to catch the bus. And then it kept going for most of the day. Well it was decent I guess. But my shoes were all soaked, and so were the feet. But it was all worth it given the food and beer we had at Bishop’s before we went home. Great day really.

Been watching a couple of movies as well lately. Three in particular that I can recall, but there’s been a few more. Guardians of the Galaxy which was all in all awesome. Being a Marvel movie you of course always hope it’s gonna be something out of the ordinary but the trailer didn’t really sell me. I guess it’s easier when there’s a hero character that you recognize and the plot is kind of obvious. This time around there were a bunch of characters, vague objectives and no real villain. So I thought at least. But I came out of the cinema thoroughly entertained. Felt like watching a 70-80s movie, partly because of the great soundtrack with lots of good old songs. Reminded me a bit of Han Solo and his crew. Adventure, humor and kick ass action scenes. Go see it!

We also watched a movie with Scarlett Johansson called Under the Skin. Highly experimental but beautifully filmed and with some thoughtful messages. Maybe not something you watch when you want to relax your mind. I didn’t have any expectations coming into this so I can’t say that I was disappointed but not necessarily thrilled either. Worth watching a second time surely. I hear there’s a book as well that might give you some insight into what’s really going on. As far as I could tell Scarlett were playing some kind of alien character that consumed men, but after a while she started to learn about herself and sympathize with people.

Then there was Amazing Spiderman 2. I must say that I somewhat like the reboot and I like Andrew Garfield. Emma Stone is pretty cute as Gwen Stacy as well. This whole movie was about their relationship whilst at the same time trying to flesh out Harry Osborn and this villain guy called Electro. Fell kind of flat. It was a bit too long as well. Felt dragged out. And sort of all over the place. Like it didn’t really know what it wanted to do. Be serious, be funny, be true to the comic. It wasn’t a bad movie but I liked the first one better. James Franco and Willem Dafoe made a much better son and father Osborn as well.

So did any of you guys go to uport? It’s this local festival that was hosted for the second time around this last weekend. I originally had a ticket but sold it since I lost interest. Seems like people enjoyed it?! Glad something happens here in town. I ended up hanging out with friends instead and went to a couple of friends’ naming of their precious little daughter. Had great weather and lots of fun with all of them. I love how sometimes days that are completely spontaneous surprise you by being the best ones. I also love all of my new friends. It’s nice how life treats you to good things as long as you stay positive. Even though it’s tremendously hard sometimes.

We started to watch The Killing as well, the final season which is now airing on Netflix. Well airing is the wrong term since already all of the episodes are out. I really like how they do that. I think things should be more on demand these days, when you as a consumer want it. Sadly it’s only six episodes long, but at least they’re one full hour each. Been watching half of it so far and it seems promising. I’m going to miss it once it’s over. There’s this dark and hopeless atmosphere in it that I so remember from early 2013, haha. It’s very funny as well. Joel Kinnaman is a personal favorite of mine. Another recommendation of mine!

Well I better go get some sleep. It’s way too late. Again. Trying to get up properly early tomorrow will be a blast. Ha he hi ho. By the way, play The Wolf Among Us. Great game. And Tomb Raider also!


Oh and one last thing! Did I mention True Detective?! What a fucking amazing TV show. Matthew McConaughey really deserves an Oscar, even though I haven’t seen his performance in Dallas Buyers Club. He is fucking brilliant and played an awesome part in TD. So did Woody of course. Eight episodes of pure bliss. Watch by all means. If you only have to watch one series this year. There are other awesome ones as well, like Penny Dreadful for instance. But yeah, True Detective. True shit.