What would I ever do without you dear friends…?

All the moments really feel
leave their mark as tattoos painted in our skin
If we need more than one thousand years
to understand exactly what happens here,
I see crystal clear.
But it’s true, I’m driving on the streets
It’s four a.m. and I’m so lonely, there’s no one calling
I’m here, as far as you can see
It’s all about these broken feelings, broken feelings.

I would have kept you, forever, but we had to sever
It ended for both of us, faster than a
Kill off this thinking, it’s starting to sink in
I’m losing control now, and without you I can finally see

I won’t suffer, be broken, get tired, or wasted
Surrender to nothing, or give up what I
Started and stopped it, from end to beginning
A new day is coming, and I am finally free

All along the western front
People line up to receive
She got the power in her hand
To shock you like you won’t believe
Saw her in the amazon
With the voltage running through her skin
Standing there with nothing on
She gonna teach me how to swim