Heluuuuuuu! What’s up?!

Been away for a couple of days and I might say that it’s been the best days of this year’s vacation actually. Been visiting a couple of friends and also went gokarting a couple of times. Which of course leaves you with a lot of adrenaline in your system. Waking up today almost feels like you’re hung over. Been riding the happiness wave a few times over the last days and when you come down to earth again it’s an odd feeling.

Visited an old best buddy of mine and got to see his girlfriend which was a pleasure! Such a nice gal and they spoiled me quite a bit in terms of food and company. Weather has been nice but it’s quite funny that I’ve been asking for rain and some sanctuary from the heat and when I finally go away to enjoy the warm weather then we get some rain. Irony of life. But I can’t complain.

After spending a night there I went to S&B on the countryside, to their cabin by the lake near Gothenburg. Been there once before and it is a really beautiful place. Very calm and cosy if you deduct the planes taking off (or landing?!) from Landvetter airport every once in a while. Exceptional company, food, sauna, baths and many laughs sums it all up. Going to bed one of those night, albeit on a bit of alcohol, I had the best gut sensation in quite a while. And I felt alive first and foremost. That’t not something you feel everyday, in all honesty, despite how funny it might sound.

And bathing! I haven’t done that in what feels like ages. But when you’re with good friends that you feel comfortable with, you’re quite drunk, you’re steaming hot (not appearance wise obviously), the water is really warm, and you’re looking up to a clear and starry sky, well… it’s hard to resist. And it’s quite fucking awesome. Really. Thanks guys for giving me the opportunity to be there with you.

Yesterday we went karting with the karting mafia and had a blast as always. And today my friend E is coming over to watch some Arrow and get drunk to go with that. Great stuff. I think we’ll probably do some grilling as well. Hopefully!

Hoping you all are having a good vacation, a good summer and good everything. Take care y’all!




I’ll eventually add a video of the little minirace we had and that signed dude managed to win for once. Was a blast!