Tonight is good. I’m happy for all of my beloved friends. For all of my beloved friends who are happy. For my best friend who has found a girl who makes him happy. For one of my old best buddies who has done the same. For one of my closest friends who has bought a home. For my neighbor and good friend who has turned 30 and a fine man. Tonight I’m happy for everyone who is happy. I’m so happy for you guys! Let me give you a big hug and a high five!

Pulp – Do You Remember The First Time?

And hey, I know I’ve already told you all about Halt and Catch Fire but you really ought to see it! Honestly. Really. Now! It’s not just about computers. It’s about people. It’s about relations. It’s about life. AMC does this really good. It was the same with Mad Men. Another splendid series. I feel like, wow… HACF is about aspiration, motivation, love, sexuality, bisexuality, strong women, music, computers, devotion… and yeah, life. Watch it! For christ’s sake. Please do.

Now. More whisky. And perhaps a movie or some game. Imogen Poots. Gives me the crush. And yeah, this apartment is too friggin’ empty. Echoes.