Saturday passed and I’m now well over four hours into Sunday. Yeah, another late night without a real reason for it. Well, I did stay up quite late with friends but that was three hours ago. Been having dinner with my neighbors and a couple of friends. Watched the soccer games (first two eighth finals) which turned out extremely exciting. Been super tired today and not very motivated, as is the norm for my weekends these days. But I’m glad that even my somewhat bad days are social and good, especially compared to several years back. And I’m still making new friends which is a blessing really. Must mean that I’m not so much of a horrible person.

Finished watching the first season of Witches of East End just now. One of those random series that I ended up watching for no particular reason really. Well maybe because I liked the whole witches idea and just came out of American Horror Story when I picked it up. It reminded me a bit about the series Charmed and truth be told it isn’t really anything out of the ordinary or really good. It’s entertaining and passes the time. And I must say that I kinda like not really having to think that much. Just watching carelessly.

I really want to get some gaming into my schedule though. I get this urge sometimes but it just doesn’t happen. I never have that initial motivation to sit down and start playing. Lol. I’m a fucking puzzle of a person. My biggest issue in life always was to figure out what to fucking do with my time. It hasn’t really been too clear for these past five years. Sure, I know I have to work. And I love to hang out with friends. And I sometimes get this hobby I dedicate some time too. But apart from that, I feel like I’m always questioning what to best put my time to use with. It’s easier when you’re filled up with passion for something. Or someone.

Kathryn Ostenberg – You Are

Been having frustrating and reminiscent dreams lately. Isn’t it funny how your subconscious works? Sometimes you wonder what the reason is for it all. If someone puts it there, since you’re not really thinking of it when you’re awake. Funny, isn’t it.

Yeah, just random rant in the middle of the night. Or early morning. Have it what you want. Me? I don’t know what I want. Tomorrow. Well, a friend is dropping by. Apart from that we’ll see.