Something I’ve stressed for so very long. I like these kind of movies better than the ones almost religiously proclaiming that phone use lead to wasted opportunities and a worse life. I think people should be wise enough to understand that you shouldn’t let your phone take over your life entirely. The ones who don’t probably don’t know how to be social to begin with and use the phone as an escape. In any case, one could argue that you should be wise enough to realize that many things you read on for instance Facebook are glorified versions of people’s lives. Still, there’s more of a mental perspective associated with that situation. Most often you’d be affected by these things when you yourself are having a rough time and then it might seem like it’s all perfect for everybody else. I particularly like the last thing happening in the clip. When somebody expresses something that’s not in line with what people are used to see.. well, then let’s ignore him/her or tell the person to stop since it’s tainting their perfect situation. Haha.