Never been a huge fan of Twitter and I can’t really understand why it’s so big in some places. Instagram I get, a picture tells more than a thousand words. And Facebook, where you have all of your “friends” and what not, plus it’s a matter of keeping track what everyone is up to. And it’s more or less todays MSN messenger. A convenient and modern take on e-mail. Twitter though, it’s like you wanna share stuff… with the world, unlike Facebook where you only share with your friends. But you can’t write as much as you can on Facebook or a blog. So it’s like… no, I don’t really see the point.

Unless! It’s about regular people connecting with public people. Much like Instagram where you can kind of get a glimpse of what their daily lives are. But with Twitter I find that a public person can reach out to their fanbase, or what not. I don’t really ever use Twitter but I had an example of this today. And I think it’s really neat since it feels like a win-win situation. You get in touch with people you like and wouldn’t have been able to message in any other way, and they get feedback from their fans or what not. So yeah, pretty neat.