Well hello there stranger. Coming to you from a slightly late and tipsy Sunday evening (or Monday morning if you prefer to do it the work way). Happy belated midsummer. How was your celebration? Good I hope! Preferably with potatoes, herring, snaps and all that. I missed out on celebration this year but I’ve already had my fair share of all that so it’s all fine. I hear the weather was decent. Thank the lord.


Since I wasn’t being hung over the entire weekend I actually managed to get a few things done. Apart from being really rude towards an old friend of mine (yeah, I will apologize to her real soon, promise *ashamed*) there was mostly work being done. Like fixing up an old Mac Mini for a friend of mine. Trust me, getting into it was like breaking into a secure vault. Fuck. I won’t be doing that again anytime soon. But now it’s upgraded with more RAM and an SSD drive. Let me tell you, if you ever plan on doing an upgrade to your computer, go solid state storage. You won’t regret it. Makes any computer, ancient or somewhat new, feel snappy again. Honestly. I also did some PHP stuff. It’s always fun to have some side projects going on since you tend to dismiss your creative side a bit at your regular work.

Hung out a bit with my old friend K the other night too. Felt good to see a person in the midst of all solitude. Watched the quite exciting Germany versus Ghana soccer game. While I was trying to decipher the mystery that was the Mac Mini, haha. After that we picked up a new TV show called Halt and Catch Fire. Yeah I know that I’ve mentioned it before but now I’ve actually seen it. Sweeeeeeeeeet. You know the feeling you get when you see a series and you can feel instantly that it has potential? It doesn’t only have high production values and looks good (this is generally speaking), it actually makes you feel excited about what’s about to happen.


So this series is about the boom of the personal computer in the eighties. It stars three characters mainly but there are a number of strong side characters as well. There’s the salesman (played by the dude that plays Tharnduil in The Hobbit). Lee something. Right, Lee Pace! Cool guy. Handsome as well. Then there’s the nerd that designs computer. The hardware wizard. And then there’s the wiz kid. Or the wiz girl in this case. Which is a really kickass person. Kinda ties into the topic that I’m going to write about in the near future, but no more spoilers about that. Anyway, this trio of people is what the series has revolved around in the first two episodes that I’ve seen so far. And that’s what’s so good. Characters that you like. Strong characters that you kind of wish you could sit down and talk to and learn from. Reminds me of Mad Men and the fascination I felt about that show. So yeah, definitely pick that up if you’re interested in watching a new show. The only thing I cannot fathom is why the geek’s girl has to be so fucking pretty? I mean sure, it can happen. But it just doesn’t feel real. Then again, it’s a TV show. Every fucking person is handsome or beautiful in those.

And on the topic of Mad Men:

Honestly, this intro. Splendid in every sense of the word. Not to mention the flood of memories I get when watching it. Absolutely awesome. Can’t wait to suit up, buy some cigars and watch this with my soon not to be colleague anymore. Björn, why the fuck are you leaving us?! T_T

By the way, do you know that True Blood is starting tonight. The new season. And the last one. Well now you know if you didn’t already. I bet quite a few people are waiting to get their Skarsgård fix.

Also been listening to some chip tunes and old game music this weekend. One of my old faves. Damn I wish I could experience games the way I did back when I was 6-10. It was something completely different back then. The challenge. And every game was a fucking experience. So cool. Nowadays you are so picky and there are like a plethora of games so you don’t really delve into them the same way you used to do. Sometimes I just wish I had the mind of a young one. Now I feel that my life is slipping away and I don’t see it happening. Crazy. I tell you.

Sweet dreams beautiful strangers~

U2 – Sweetest Thing

Oh and hey, you know what?! Ed Sheeran’s new album is out on Spotify. Multiply baby!

Ed Sheeran – I’m A Mess <- This is.. man, Ed. You're a genius!

PS. I won’t be buying that apartment that I was looking into the other day. Sure, it’s super nice and as it turns out I can actually afford it. But yeah, it’s not the right time. Maybe when it’s time to settle down for 5-10 years. Or something along those lines. Blah. But it was a nice idea! DS.