Duh. It would appear I lied to you. As I haven’t gotten back with anything lately. Sorry for that. Not sure what I have been up to really. As always. The present blends into something that’s barely recognizable and what good that was in the mix got lost in the process. Funny how that works. But I will get back on the topic, promise. I just need to read up properly. I’ll eventually get back with a best of E3 as well, but truth be told I haven’t watched it all yet.

This weekend I helped a couple of dear friends move. As is apparent in my body today. Feel like a 90 year old. Back muscles (do I even have those?) ache like shit. It was a good day and I was happy to be able to help them out, though I’m all fingers and thumbs and can barely pull of squat.

Apart from that. Meh, nothing. Not sure I want vacation anymore. Because I mean, what am I to do with four weeks of spare time? For what it’s worth it might even turn into a game of iron maiden. Who knows. That little tiny girl of a soul in me is desperately lost, shouting out, but the meat suit is keeping appearances up with a foul smile. I think I’ll spend midsummer getting hellish drunk by myself and taking it all in. The present. Which is only a shard of what once was. A shattered mirror, from which I’m picking up pieces reflecting the past and cutting myself on those very same pieces in the process.

But it’s good. I was alive. Once. I just wish I would be able to tell children or grandchildren that sometime. Unfortunately that’ll never happen.

Sweet dreams merry people. Lead good lives~