Even though my sleeping schedule was way off tonight and I only managed to get around three hours of sleep I thoroughly enjoyed this Monday. Isn’t that great?! An epic Monday of all days on the week. Sure, I’m dead beat but it was fun to see colleagues, laugh, hang out with friends, have a beer or two, and even strawberries and cream. Delicious, I tell you. Bumped into a few friends that I haven’t seen for a long time and we talked about going to the cinema tomorrow. My friend S is dropping by later this week too so we’re planning a bbq or a pique nique of some sort. It’s gonna be a good week!

Oh and you haven’t missed that it’s E3, have you?! Means lots of awesome trailers and games announcements. I’ve been eagerly waiting any news about future Mass Effect games and here’s at least a little bit of information. Made me think of the menu music from the game which really sets the tone for everything. I get these surge of memories coming back to me. The exploration. The characters. The world that you got so drawn into. Playing it with someone who enjoys it as much as you do. It felt so very real while you were playing. You just wanted to see more, know more, and play more. Very, very good. Sure, getting into the game took a bit longer than a shooter but it was well worth it. Proper, proper game!



Now I’m dead so it’s time to get some well deserved rest so that I’m not dead tomorrow. It’s astonishing that I’ve been able to keep the pace up as much as I have today. But it’s like that usually, isn’t it. You can manage to go without sleep for one day. It’s the next day that it takes its toll on the body. Sigh. Let’s hope I’ll be alright 🙂